Pastor Star R. Scott

Enduring the Cross

  • 1 Part Series
  • Date: December 29, 2002
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Summary: The cross sets us outside accepted religious boundaries. If you're identifying with the cross of Jesus you will be persecuted. Take up your own cross. Only you can hang on it. The cross is tailor made to your death. Are we aware of the areas in our lives that need to be crucified? It's a lifetime process. Glory in the cross. Once we identify with the cross it causes a crucifixion to the world. Nothing we treasure makes sense to the world. You have to be saved to draw on the benefits of the cross. The message of Christians today is come down from the cross. The message of the gospel is die. Joy set before him. You'll never be able to go to the cross until you can look past it to the reward. Staying power of patience. If you've never felt forsaken by God you've never been on the cross. Death with Jesus is a lonely place. Crucifixion is squeezing the breath out of you. Slow agonizing removal of your life. Every time you come off your cross it's because you've stopped looking at Jesus.