The Ministries of Calvary Temple

Adult Ministries

  • Bible Teaching, instruction, and practical application provide the foundation for all ministries originating from Calvary Temple.
  • Weekly services afford multiple opportunities for the believer to imbibe instruction essential to a growing work with the Lord.
  • Praise and Worship is an integral part of weekly services. Our music ministry features an ensemble band and choir in a contemporary setting.
  • Corporate Prayer precedes weekly services. Access to the sanctuary for prayer is also available daily in the evening. Tuesday and Thursday prayer is specifically set aside for the needs of the fellowship.

Child/Youth Ministries

  • Children's Ministry is a collective responsibility the church participates in as a body. Services for children include prayer, praise and worship, and Bible study.
  • Nursery and Toddler care is provided during all services and corporate prayer times.
  • Discipleship Training is the scholastic component of the training of children. This education includes spiritual, academic, and sports curricula. Each child is required to diligently participate in all aspects. Instructors include: Pastors, Teachers, and a multitude of volunteers who give of their time and talents.
  • Youth Group is a weekly extension of discipleship training that includes grades 7-12. Teaching and activities are used to further reinforce and apply principles learned in Discipleship Training.

Fellowship Ministries

  • Young Adults is a casual weekly opportunity for young men and women to gather and build character through times of fellowship and activities.
  • Home Fellowship Groups are sub-groupings within the church. These casual meetings, held monthly, are hosted by a member of the group. These smaller meetings provide a more intimate setting for fellowship. Deacons oversee the groups and ensure that needs are properly represented to the pastoral staff.
  • Men's Breakfast is a monthly meeting for breakfast and fellowship. The Breakfast is followed by time for review of recent teaching. The review provides clarification to the men and serves as an opportunity for them to ask practical questions directly to the pastoral staff.
  • Single Minded Saints is an avenue of fellowship catering to older single and married adults alike who wish to gather and fellowship. The Single Minded Saints hold a monthly breakfast and participate in various organized activities.

Outreach Ministries

  • Elderly Outreach ministers weekly in several local elder care facilities, with both adults and children regularly participating.
  • Prison Outreach reaches out to prison facilities throughout the state. Ministry includes: travel of teams to the facilities, Bible studies and teaching of inmates, correspondence with inmates, and logistical arrangements with prison staff.
  • Detention Center Outreach, much like the Prison Outreach, reaches several youth correctional facilities on a weekly basis. Both men and women conduct the Outreach ministry visiting a variety of facility environments.
  • Spanish Outreach targets the DC-metro area's large Spanish-speaking segment. Sword of the Spirit teaching is translated live during services for non-English speaking Spanish members and guests.
  • Africa Outreach is the fruit of Calvary Temple's seed of missions sown in Africa several years ago. The result has yielded the birth of many churches, pastors, and souls for the Lord. In order to provide additional care and headship, several "home church" pastors have been called to Africa and are investing their lives by becoming full-time missionaries. Missions teams are sent annually to lend assistance to the ministry, outreach, and instruction of churches.
  • Finish the Race is an automotive outreach birthed by Pastor Scott and his family. The ministry includes car shows, car races, and chapel services. Finish the Race has toured the country and achieved national recognition in various shows and races.

Media Ministry

  • Audio Teachings have been part of the ministry almost since its inception. Volunteers and staff convert teachings to audio media (CDs and audio data files) and send them to subscribers all over the world.
  • Book Ministry features some of Pastor Scott's most important teaching series prepared in-house by volunteers and staff, the books are distributed worldwide.
  • Transcription is an invaluable ministry provided by volunteers who convert audio teachings to printed form. Transcriptions provide the content for newsletters and web content.
  • The Website provides members and visitors access to decades of teaching resources.