Africa Ministry

The Lord began a work in East Africa over a decade ago. Calvary Temple now consists of 40 established churches throughout Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Oversight and care is being provided in varying degrees throughout these countries.

The work was first established in Kenya and it remains our most active area. Care for churches in Kenya has been organized into a few central regions. Below is a listing of those regions, a picture of a church within that region, and the current overseers.

West Kenya Region

Pastor Forbe Carlson

Regional Overseer - Pastor Forbe Carlson

  • Key Churches
  • Kakamega
  • Eldoret
Calvary Temple Eldoret Church

East Kenya

Pastor Rob Hendrickson

Regional Overseer - Pastor Rob Hendrickson

  • Key Churches
  • Umoja
  • Kwa Njenga

Calvary Temple Kwa Njenga Church

Nakuru Region

Pastor Tony Wozniak

Regional Overseer - Pastor Tony Wozniak

  • Key Churches
  • Nakuru