Pastor Star R. Scott

We Need to Like What God Likes

  • Date: November 26, 2018
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: “But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.” (Psalm 115:3)
  • From God's Sovereign Goodness

We think we're so sneaky. We think we can get away with things. God is omniscient and guess what? He is omnipotent, and you are not going to get your way! Period! Throw it out, because our God is sovereign. It makes life easier, so just figure that out today. Get the right theology and surrender. It'll make life much easier on you. He will do whatsoever He pleases. That means He'll raise up some people and bring down others. In our eyes it will look like some of the people that are least deserving get raised up and us people that are more deserving, we who deserve more-we've talked about humility so we won't deal with that right now-are down here and never get a break. And all of those lucky bums-anybody believe in luck?-all those lucky bums. How can there be luck when God is sovereign?

I battle with luck. I do, because I perceive myself as unlucky, and yet if I make a total-I've got so much stuff it's ridiculous. So how do you be unlucky and get blessed as many times as I've been blessed? I can start telling you stories about how God has blessed me, but I perceive myself as unlucky because I have too much of my own will. I think too highly of myself. I'm the guy that, when I check into a hotel-I've done this. I check into a hotel, and I'll walk the halls to see if I have the best room or not. I want the best view. Now, none of you know anything about that but-and I know it's extreme. See, I know my problems. When I check in I don't just want a room. I'll talk to the guy-"Is this the best room? Does it have the best view?"-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-right? None of you do that. You just check in. But you see, if I just check in and I open the curtains, I'm looking at a wall, because I'm unlucky. I don't play the lotto. You could put one and a half balls in this hat for me to draw out, and I won't win.

When you have that perspective on life, it takes a while-I've arrived finally-but it takes a while to really believe in the sovereignty of God and trust in the sovereignty of God, embrace the sovereignty of God. This is a lot of what Father has been doing in my life over these last few years, and I want you to know something, man. I've been able to travel and be content, most of the time. Not just more-most. I mean, this has been leaps and bounds of growth. It should be all time-but I'm at most, and God is doing some good things in my life. And the steps of the good man are ordered by the Lord.

So being able to embrace His working in my life in many areas has been a process. It's been that embracing of the cross on a daily basis. It's been that thinking of myself less. I've been really, over years, just trying to on a daily basis-and God is doing some good things-but think of myself less and less and less. God has been doing that, but I need to think of myself as less, more and more. But God has a good purpose for my life, and the purpose is whatever it takes in this life, that He will ultimately have me at a place where I can partake of His likeness when He comes. For when He comes, we shall see Him as He is, and we shall be like Him.

Our God is in the heavens, and He does whatever He likes, so get over it and start getting in line. You know what the problem is? We all have bad taste. Have you ever noticed how most people around you have bad taste? We need to change to where we like what God likes. We need to dress like God wants us to dress. We need to speak like God wants us to speak. We need to live where God wants us to live. We need to work where God wants us to work. We need to change to where we have good taste: the will of God, the purposes of our God.