Pastor Star R. Scott

The Lord With Us

  • Date: January 15, 2019
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: “But the LORD was with Joseph, and shewed him mercy, and gave him favour in the sight of the keeper of the prison.” (Genesis 39:21)
  • From God's Sovereign Goodness

Genesis, Chapter 45, verses 5 and 8, tell the story of Joseph. We all know the basics of this story and how he had the dreams about God raising him to a position of authority and that the day would come when his brothers would bow down to him. We saw that didn't go well with the brothers, right? We learned something from that. Maybe we ought to keep some of the revelations to ourselves about how great we are. Some of us like to go around sharing how great we are. How much we've heard from God. "Let me tell you. God…" We want to give our great revelations and different things and so often these revelations have to do with other people we're talking to. "Let me tell you what God wants for your life…" But in the case of Joseph, he was sharing this thing: he had this dream and the Lord had appeared to him and shared that his brothers would bow down to him and his brothers didn't like it. His dad said, "Look, if the Lord had spoken to the kid and…" Of course Dad favored him anyway. You know, like our parents always favor our siblings and we are always the one that gets the bum raw deal

But here we are and we realize, then, that Joseph was loved by his dad and his dad sensed in him a heart, he did not know what it was all about, but God had His hand on this boy. So Joseph has another dream and he goes and tells his dad, "Hey, guess what, man. This dream has gone on and what really appeared to me is that the time is going to come when you're going to bow down, too. Dad says, "You've gone too far. You're going to have to realize that you're probably thinking of yourself more highly than you ought to think." It was okay when it was his brothers but, of course, with dad it is not acceptable. We all know the story. Joseph, then, his brothers want to kill him. The older brother says, "Don't kill him." He goes away and they said, "Okay." They threw him into the pit. Joseph is in the pit. They get him out of the pit and they sell him into slavery. They tell dad that he was killed by the animal. The reason that I am taking this much time to go through this is because we do have a few people that probably haven't heard the story. As the Scripture begins to speak to Joseph, not only is he now sold into slavery and into the house of Potiphar, but in that house, he is betrayed. He does the man a good job. The guy promotes him. The wife tries to seduce him. He doesn't subject himself to her seduction. She lies about him and says he tried to molest her. He's thrown into prison. As he is in prison, God gives him favor. He becomes the head of the prison. A few of the king's men are put in there. They have these dreams. He interprets the dreams. They get out of prison. He said, "Don't forget me when you're let out." They forgot him and, then, the king has a dream and he wants it interpreted. The guy says, "Oh, man, when I was in prison there was this guy…."

And so that's where we are. In the midst of all of this, the final conclusion to all of this is that there was none greater than Joseph in in all of the greatest nations in the world except the king when he sat upon the throne. God got Joseph there via the pit, didn't He? God sent him there as his family betrayed him, mocked him, wanted to kill him, and turned their backs on him as he was crying as he was being led away into Egypt. All he did was a superb job in Potiphar's house and was betrayed. What does that have to do with these dreams and these visions of being ascended to the throne? Put in prison-God blessed him in prison. In his adversity he was blessed, but the Scripture also tells us in Psalms 105:18 that the fetters of God injured his feet. We don't know to what degree, whether he was crippled, deformed, but the Scripture made it a point just to tell us about his feet. Isn't that interesting? There was another one whose feet were wounded for us. Then the betrayal, and throughout this passage of Scripture there's one phrase that continues to arise: "But the LORD was with Joseph" (Genesis 39:2, 21).

Do you ever feel that that promise, "I'll never leave you nor forsake you," isn't bearing the fruit that you need right now? Do you ever feel alone? When we begin to accept these principles of our steps being ordered of God, of Him setting our path right, of a man devising his own ways, we think that we understand, we think that we know what's best, but God determines His will. God's ultimate plan for us, beloved, is deliverance from the pit, is deliverance from the prison. God's ultimate promise to us and plan for us is to be seated with Him upon His throne. Begin to accept everything that you're experiencing right now as preparation for the throne of God. This is our sanctification; this is our cleansing. This is the diminishing of self so that we will live solely for His glory. He says, "Now therefore [speaking to his brothers who had sold him and hated him] …therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me [into Egypt]: for God did send me before you to preserve life" (Genesis 45:5). Joseph didn't see it as man's betrayal; he saw it as God's exaltation. How do you view the circumstances of your life? God is in this. God is ordering these things. Verse 8 goes on and says, "So now it was not you that sent me hither, but God: and he hath made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house, and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt." God sent me. Do you believe that where you find yourself, that God has sent you? Do you believe that where you find yourself tomorrow, and it may not be as good, God has sent you? "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord…" (Psalms 37:23).