Pastor Star R. Scott

The Golden Rule Lifestyle

  • Date: April 23, 2018
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)
  • From No Greater Love

It takes a regenerated person to habitually live the Golden Rule. Oh, we can pull it off periodically for someone that we love or in an extreme situation. We might once jump on a hand grenade, but how about "doing unto others" every day? How about "doing unto others" in the mundane and not just when it makes us a hero? How about doing unto others that are the "unlovely"? How about doing unto others when they've said "all matter of evil against you"? What would you say? If we graded today by the Golden Rule, how are you doing? See, in that comment, and in the statement that Jesus made of "love God with all your hearts and your neighbor as yourself, this fulfills the law of God." What do you think? Are there those in this fellowship that are beneath you, that you can't serve? "Pastor, really I don't think anybody in here is beneath me to where I wouldn't help them." How about "beneath you" to where you won't allow them to come and help you? Just think about that for just a moment. "I, from my supreme position, do not think so highly of myself that I will not bow my knee to serve the needy. But I will not let the needy come and serve me. I don't want to hear a word from that guy that doesn't have his act together. I don't like this guy's political position. That guy's a Cowboy's fan." In so many of these things that are put on the back shelf and allow the little foxes to ultimately cause, at some point, a conflict to where we just flat-out don't want to hear from them anymore. That's not the love of God. That's not receiving the love of God and it's not demonstrating the love of God. To break this law is to break all of the law. To see ourselves as doers of the law and doers of the Word when we break the most basic commandment is probably the greatest deception there can be. If you think you're in the light and you're walking in this darkness, how great is that deception! "If your light be darkness…" (Matthew 5:23).

So, all we're talking about is just that ability to ask Father to humble us and to give us a passion for seeing the body of Christ made whole. Not a passion to" minister to others" but a passion to be whole, which requires me being ministered to as well! You know, it's one thing when you stand and so often you do the teaching and you're ministering and you're counseling people. That's the reason so many pastors and teachers get messed up, because they see themselves in one role as the teacher, the instructor, the exhorter, the one who gives the direction. When, if not as much, more in need of love, of ministry, of care, and not just through prayer, but as a member of the body of Christ. You say, "Pastor, you mean you're willing for me to come and speak into your life and share where all your flaws are?" Yes, but be accurate. Don't come with your opinion. Come with chapter and verse, come in the right spirit, and I'll guarantee you one thing; I'll change if there's something I'm doing that's not giving honor to God.

In the topic that we're dealing with, if you think somehow that I'm putting people off or I'm holding people at bay and not treating people right or being a respecter of persons and loving myself as preeminent and better than everybody else, I need to hear that. I'm ready to hear that. Because we will never see what we need coming in this hour without being in one accord, without being in unity, without being at peace, without driving strife, pettiness, bickering, and hurt feelings out of our midst. "Are you not carnal?" Paul said. We see ourselves as a mature church. But I want to tell you something, if there's any of all this segmenting over teachers and over who we prefer in the body, "This person is the only person that I'll let speak into my life." We've got this little group over here, then I want to tell you something: You're carnal! And it just needs to be dealt with. We're to love as we've been loved. Now, part of that love, as we've been talking about, is brought to us while we're yet sinners. We don't wait for people to clean their act up and become perfect like us before we care for them. God cared for us "while we were yet sinners..." (Romans 5:8).