Pastor Star R. Scott

Nothing Thwarts God’s Purposes For Us

  • Date: November 21, 2018
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: “But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.” (Psalm 115:3)
  • From God's Sovereign Goodness

Lt's talk about how the awesomeness of God is able to get into our hearts and into our lives. How do we confront that on a daily basis, the ability to receive that grace? First of all, let me share with you that you will never, never, be able to come and attain that place that makes you worthy. It's always a gift. It's always grace. It's always the mercy of God to us, isn't it? But it is the will of God for us.

So let's turn to Psalm 115. I want to look at a couple of other things as it pertains to God's sovereignty, His choice to be good to you and His ability to manifest it. Nothing can stop the goodness of God from coming into your life. Psalm 115, verse 3, "But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased." Don't you like that? Our God is in the heavens. He is supreme. He is Almighty God. He is omnipotent, all powerful. Nothing can thwart His purposes for us. He is all powerful; He can do whatever He wants.

Now, the theologians get into big arguments about the sovereignty of God and God's choice and Him predestining some people to heaven and some people to hell. I do not believe that that is the goodness of God. But I do believe God can do whatever He wants. If my theology is wrong-and it's not-but if my theology is wrong and God has predestined some men to heaven and some men to hell, then we've got one thing to say about that: God is good and His mercies endure forever!

You know, I've been through a number of times in my life-too many, in fact-but I've been through this a number of times in my life where I fully believed that possibly I was a vessel fit for destruction. I don't know if any of you have ever felt like that or not, but I have felt that God actually created me for the purpose of bringing me down and destroying me that His glory might be manifest. He talks about vessels that are fit for destruction-those that would rise up and in their haughtiness, God would break them. I've felt like that at times in my life, that I was that man. With that in my heart, I had one thing to say: God is good, and His mercies endure forever! I've had one thing to say about that: if that's what I am and that's who I am and that's Your sovereign will, then it's right, and it's just because You are Almighty God, and You do whatever You please!

Is that the God you believe in? The one Who is Almighty, the one Who can do whatever He pleases? Then why do we kick at His will for our lives at times? Any of you ever find yourself crosswise with Father on how you think something should be done? Anybody know what I'm talking about? How many of you have ever been in that place? Can I help you out a little bit and save you some energy? He's going to do whatever He pleases so you might as well just say, "Not my will, Thy will be done!" And how dare any of us, in our own minds, rise up and demand justice and judge God as wrong and guilty when He is Almighty? We are the creation and He is the Creator, and He does all things well.

So once we come to understand that God is sovereign, we will stop kicking against the pricks, like Paul did. We'll stop trying to inflict our will. Can you imagine? You've been there. I've been there. We come up and in our subtle ways we think we're going to con God; we think we're going to slip one by on Him. We'll come up and try to somehow inflict our will upon Him like we do on everybody else. Can I share something with you? He's omniscient. He knows all of your ploys. He knows your heart; you don't. So all of your sneakiness, you might as well just throw it out, because God knows your heart.