Pastor Star R. Scott

No Longer Under Sin’s Dominion

  • Date: April 12, 2017
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: “For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.” (Roman 6:14)
  • From Put On Christ

We believe that this teaching has brought forth some good comfort to hearts and a good balance to how to approach this dilemma of our righteousness in Christ and our not-so-righteous living. Which one do you choose? The Scripture says that we're to profess and have imputed to us the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ. That's who we really are. This not-so-righteous living, Paul says in Romans 7, isn't really us. How many of you are glad for that message? "This isn't really me."

Now, we can take that to an extreme and really misunderstand what biblical sanctification is, but the good news is that's not really you. "That's not really me. I am habitually the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ because of the grace that's working in me and the gift of faith to appropriate that grace." And so that's what we've been looking at, trying to study and want to deal with those dynamics.

I like what one author said: "It's the discomfort of the justified life." Think about that for just a moment. The discomfort of the justified life. See, justification puts me in the place where it's just as if I had never sinned. And yet, here I am, sinning; and there's a discomfort in the fact that I've just sinned, but I know I'm the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ. I know that legally, my life with God is just as if I'd never sinned, or-what we were sharing in our last study-just as if I'd always been obedient. "I do always those things that please the Father," Jesus said. And when we're alive in Him, everything that we've done as God looks at me through Jesus, He sees me perfectly obedient. That's justification, and we ought to be shouting praise God for that! Just every day, thanking God for this position of justification.

And yet, there is that discomfort when I sin. How many of you are uncomfortable when you sin? How many of you get uncomfortable even when that thing starts rising up in you-the voice of the Holy Ghost-and you're reaching for that sin? You're reaching for that Rocky Road ice cream. Or let's get personal: that Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. That's me. The Rocky Road is you and I understand your sin, but I have trouble with mine. So there I am, and I can feel that voice rising up in me and going, "You know, you don't need that third pint." The Holy Spirit speaks to us, doesn't He? How many of you have heard that voice and did it, anyway? How many of you are uncomfortable even at the first voice? You start getting a little uncomfortable, don't you? Because at the moment that voice speaks, you know whether you're going to obey or not. Anybody know what I'm talking about? And we are just not comfortable, as righteous beings, choosing to sin. But I'm planning on it. I know I've heard that voice of the Holy Spirit, but I'm already planning on it. I know how I'm going to feel afterwards. "Oh, man, I wish I hadn't eaten that third pint of that cookie dough." And this is after Thanksgiving dinner: groan! "In me, that is in my flesh-?" We're messed up, man.

So I'm uncomfortable when I have to deal with the sin that's in my members. I hate it. Don't you? And yet, periodically, it wins. Periodically, I choose it. I want to tell you something right up front: It does not overcome you, you choose it. Every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lusts, James says, and enticed (1:14). Sin, to me as the justified son of God, no longer has dominion over me. Now, you have to believe that, because that's the Bible. So it cannot dominate you habitually. But we choose it periodically, and that's the dynamics that we're looking at between the activity of sin and the dominion of sin.