Pastor Star R. Scott

God Commands Obedience

  • Date: April 14, 2017
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you” (2 Corinthians 6:17)
  • From Put On Christ

Calvinist doctrine takes predestination, and its emphasis is on the sovereignty of God. And they overemphasize the sovereignty of God and-we've shared with you before-since God is a unitary being, all of His attributes have to be accepted equally. None of them are in conflict with the other. Love is never in conflict with justice. Mercy is never in conflict with wrath. How many of you have trouble sorting that out sometimes in your little peanut brain? But God is all of those things: love, justice, mercy, wrath. He's all of those things infinitely. He is all of those things eternally.

So when we read the Scriptures, we have to realize that whatever it is that God is expressing in context is His sovereign will as it relates to that specific incident. And it will never conflict with any other actions that He ever takes in His sovereign dealing with man. What am I saying? Don't try to play one visitation of God against the other. He is not a cookie-cutter God. And in His sovereignty, He can express one of His attributes that may appear to us to be an emphasis of love over justice, but you can't make a doctrine of God that it will always be that way, because we can look at the next event and justice looks like it's superior over love. Just remember, He is unitary. He is absolutely infinite in His love and infinite in His justice. And we know that, and we can say amen to that. So as it comes to predestination, some of the Calvinists believe that predestination trumps justice, obedience, sanctification. And, very frankly, it does not as we can clearly see in the Scriptures.

As we have been comparing "positional holiness" with "practical holiness." We gave you this little phrase, and I want to make sure we have it in our notes regarding positional holiness versus practical holiness. , The quote, "What God has predestined for us, He commands that we pursue." Well, how can it be, if He predestines that we have to be in pursuit of it? Because that's His requirement. That's how He fulfills His predestination. His predestination demands our obedience.

And that's a very interesting thing. That's how we see sanctification practically working itself out in our lives. We said that all moral imperatives are calls to His holiness. In other words, when God deals with an imperative as it pertains to the morality of our lives-all morality, not just sexual-type morality -- it's talking about integrity. It's talking about many of these other aspects of obedience. It has to deal with the lies that so many of us live under. You see, this world is under the dictates of Satan, the father of lies.

How many of you do more lying than you would like to admit? You see, many of us are very proud that if someone comes up and challenges us to our face, we will tell the truth. But what about the little deceits? What about the manipulations? What about the front we put on when we are around Christians? There's a lot of ways to live lies, aren't there?-and not just declare them.

And I'm only bringing that out to show you that all of these biblical or moral imperatives, the commandments of God, are calls to holiness. They're calling us away from this flesh. They're calling us away from the accepted things that the world does that Satan comes in and sells-that are not overt. And we accept them. I could give us some lists. We talk about different areas-let me just throw this one out to you. This is something that Greer brought up the other day. I can't remember where we were, but it seems to be the summer of short shorts. And, somehow, we as Christians will justify ourselves, because it's a half-inch longer than the worst out there. Can I just share something with you? You're lying to yourself. Just hold up the Word of God: "Come out from among them and be separate. Touch not the unclean thing, sayeth the Lord, and I will receive you." Let's stop lying to ourselves. We're going to talk more later about liberties. Do you want to know what you have the liberty to do? Your liberty is to obey Jesus. The liberty you have is not to be used as an occasion to the flesh.