Pastor Star R. Scott

First Bring the Name of Jesus

  • Date: April 2, 2018
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” (John 13:35)
  • From No Greater Love

Much of the love of God has been perverted in this hour. It's gone over to what we call the "social gospel." Many churches today are caught up in, "What can we do to alleviate poverty?" Let me tell you something: Poverty will never be alleviated. Because Jesus said, "The poor, you shall always have with you" (Matthew 26:11). So, these people are trying to accomplish something that's impossible. And yet, the Scriptures tell us how to minister to the poor. He said, "All of our ministry to the needy must begin, first, in the household of faith." So, if we have something left over after all of the needs of the church are provided for, then we go ahead and distribute it as the Holy Spirit would lead us. "A cup of cold water in His name" (Matthew 10:42). Not this nonsense that's going on of paying for the hamburger for the guy behind you, the car behind you. That is stupid! Somebody was talking about it. That's dumb for us Christians. There's nothing wrong with it in the natural. It's dumb to think, as a Christian, you've somehow communicated the love of God. Because what we do must be done in Jesus' name. So, if you're going to pay for the dude's hamburger, roll down the window, stick out your head, and say, "This is in the name of Jesus, praise God!" Otherwise, you've done nothing. You don't know who's back there! That dude might be robbing God of his tithe and you've just signed a contract with him! There's so much that man gets involved in that's just foolishness, that is secularism, humanism. We're obligated to live our lives according to the biblical principles.

There's nothing wrong with helping people out there that have needs-after everybody in the household of faith is taken care of. And then whatever we have that's abundance and discretionary in our lives, we can go out and pass out a lot of cups of cold water in the name of Jesus if we're being lead. But's let's make sure that we're doing it in the proper priority, first, to the household of faith, and then, as a ministry to those who are needing a cup of cold water in His name, not through all of these secular food kitchens. I've been in those and ministered. You see, there is a lot of ministry outside the church, isn't there? As we're going into those places and we're bringing care to those people, we're bringing them the gospel. We're bringing them the name of Jesus and not methadone and not a meal. But we're loving them with the love of God as we minister to them.

This is how Jesus did it. Let me tell you something; multiplying loaves and fishes isn't just to go out and feed people. They sat and listened to Him preach and became weary in the way of following Him to hear the Word of God. Then He fed them. You don't feed them to get them to come in; you feed them because they came in! Now, that's been perverted in a lot of these rescue missions. Those guys will just go out there and stand in line and come in, listen to the message [yawn], and know they're going to get some food. But I'll tell you what; I've been involved in it. The power of God can take care of some of those people. I've preached in those places and seen people's lives changed and seen people go get their lives back together. But tragically, many ministries today have allowed it to come over into the same secular realm of thinking, "You know what we need to do? Let's not offend anybody with the gospel. Let's just give them a blanket and they'll know the love of God." They will not know the love of God until you preach to them Jesus Christ crucified and raised from the dead! And then give them a biscuit if you have one. The love of God! The love of God will take us out of our comfort zones. Loving lost humanity will make life uncomfortable for us. Loving one another will make life uncomfortable for us! Even among this community, as close as we are, there are people among us that some of us are not that comfortable with. We'd rather not have to be around them. Now, I understand I'm one of those people. But this is something that we've got to realize. If we're going to love as we've been loved, there can be no barriers. There can be no discrimination. There can be no cliques among us. If we're going to love one another, we're called to become a community. We're called into a biblical unity where we're not living to ourselves, but we're living to serve and love as we've been loved.