Pastor Star R. Scott

Faith Chooses God’s Ways

  • Date: December 13, 2017
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.” (John 10:9)
  • From Faith That Prevails

Let's look again at Jacob, the supplanter; Jacob, the con man; Jacob, the wheeler and dealer; Jacob, the independent spirit who thought he was controlling things yet being controlled by God. He thought he was controlling things, but he was being controlled by God. Do you remember the life of Jacob as he left to go get a wife? He was Mama's boy, everything easy for him, everything went his way. Mama's boy. He's just kind of going this way, and Mama sees this boy is going to get tore up here shortly. "Let me just send him in the guise of going off to get a wife so that Esau doesn't beat the tar out of him. We'll just go send him to get a wife." Mama is back there, manipulating things. Mama Zebedee-"My boys! My boys!"-controlling everything. I want you to know something, any of those who might have that tendency in our midst. God will get them out of your control and do what He wants with them eventually. We have a bunch of you Mamas here that do it different ways. But I just want to remind you something this morning. God is in control, and every one of us, including your children, has to learn to walk by faith.

So here we have Jacob on his way, and all of a sudden, the Lord appears. An angel appears, and you remember the first story, right? He's lying there, camping out. The heavens open, a ladder appears with angels ascending and descending. What is behind all of that? Well first of all, how many times do you believe Jacob heard the story of Papa Abraham? No telling how many times he had heard the story of God appearing to Abraham! That's all they had to do, was to share the stories, right? They weren't watching TV; there were no movies, no malls. You got to sit around and hear the stories. That was their educational system. I'll tell you, these stories became very precise. The accuracy of them was phenomenal, and they were passed from generation to generation. The children would sit in amazement as they talked about this unseen God, this invisible God and how we are a people that have been set apart from the world, and we are a people who are special-"Because some day, the Messiah is coming through us!" They didn't understand the end of this, but they knew that God had set them apart as a peculiar people, and they sojourned by faith. Abraham, sojourning now, chose this place to be his home.

Here's the point I am wanting to make. Jacob was hearing all of these stories about great Father Abraham and his father, Isaac, the conduit. "Dad, what revisions did you make? Surely you wanted to be better than your dad and become preeminent!" Isaac is like, "No son, there is only one message." It doesn't get changed by generations. It gets passed on.

So Jacob has his first encounter, and God speaks to him and says, "You are the continuation of this. You think you stole it, but I gave it to you. I am the God of your father Abraham and of Isaac. I will visit you later, and you're going to go into this land, and your seed shall be as the sands of the sea." He showed him the gate of heaven. Who's the door of heaven? "I am the door; nobody can enter in but by Me" (John 10:9). He showed him the door, the gateway of heaven. He showed him that he could have a personal access. He showed him that in his own life, he needed to ascend because he was in a low place. That visitation of God didn't change him one bit. Didn't change him. How many of us have been visited of God and were the same when He left? God has showed us the way of escape from our own flesh, and here we are still bound. If you think little glimpses of God, Bible study, prayer, will change you, it will not! A good decision will change you.