Pastor Star R. Scott

Faith Acts in Obedience

  • Date: July 31, 2017
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: “Is any thing too hard for the LORD?” (Genesis 18:14)
  • From Faith That Prevails

We talked earlier about two different aspects of faith and the need to be patient. We talked about the faith of Noah and how some of us who were prayed for last week didn't get a manifestation yet, and we're already caving in and fainting in our minds. "Well, you know, I guess it might not be God's will. I knew that it was too good to be true." The great cloud of witnesses that Hebrews speaks of, this brother Noah who went before us, who had no written Scripture but fellowshipped with God. We have the written Word and we have the living Son of God. The Word of God made flesh dwelling among us. Faith comes via both those vehicles. The rhemas of God that come through communion, through prayer, through Jesus speaking to us, will always agree with the written Word and the written Word will always agree with the testimony of Jesus.

He speaks and we obey. He speaks and the endeavor of building the ark begins. "Well, you know, time's getting by and…" He was 500. Do you think you're too old? We saw, then, that he was being ridiculed and we talked about true faith always being opposed by the world, the enemy of God. You'll never get encouragement from unbelievers. Can I share this with you? Do you find yourself going around trying to discourage people who want to walk in faith? "Well, I think what they are doing is a little radical." Is it in the Word? It doesn't matter what you think or if you think it's radical. Are they walking on a Biblical principal, a foundation of faith? Just because you're afraid to step out of the boat, don't discourage them. "Well, they might sink." Who cares? They might also get a couple of steps in. They might get a couple of steps in and then, beginning to sink, say, "Lord, help me, praise God!" I'd rather have the testimony of taking two steps on water and beginning to sink than being fearful and staying in the boat.

Our God is able, praise God! "Is anything too hard for the LORD?" (Genesis 18:14). "…All things are possible to him that believeth" (Mark 9:23). "For all the promises of God in [Christ Jesus] are yea, and in him Amen unto the glory of God by us" (Romans 4:20). God gets glorified by us, by our obedience. As we grab those promises and obey, they are yea and amen by us? God is working in us and through us. Calling things that are not as though they are. Don't you want to live with that as your normative lifestyle? It's how these people lived. It's how these multitudes in Hebrews Chapter 11 lived. This isn't a storybook. This is the testimony of people like you and me. Men of like passion. People who knew what it meant to be afraid, to be fearful, to not have sufficient and to be able to cry out, "Lord, help me!" And He reaches out and brings us back into the boat. His power is sufficient to complete our lack. His promises are to meet every need in Christ Jesus.

Encourage yourselves. As we look into these chapters here in Hebrews 11, put yourself in there. These are not supermen; these are men of like passion who obeyed. They obeyed. Men who obeyed-and I like this next phrase-men who obeyed and went out. You're going to have to get up and do something. Faith is going to move us off of the spot that we're on right now in our apathy, in our fear. You have to go out. What's the voice of God telling you? There's not going to be a presumptuousness. The voice of God is not going to tell us to step out in faith to achieve our lusts, our natural appetites, the things of this world. I want to tell you something. God does not care about the size of the house you're living in. He doesn't care what brand of car you're driving. He doesn't care how much money you make. Without faith it's impossible to please Him. Do you know what God cares about? "And having food and raiment let us be therewith be content." See, that's what faith produces.