Pastor Star R. Scott

Covet God’s Truth

  • Date: February 20, 2019
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)
  • From Wise To Do Evil

He told the people (Deuteronomy 7:2), He said, "The one thing that I want you to do-when you go into this land, I want you to utterly destroy all of their gods. If you don't, if you don't become separatists, if you don't become holy, if you allow your sons to marry their daughters, these idols will come in and ultimately leaven and destroy you." Did they? Yes. We're now coming into this-we're living here in this kingdom as that spirit of antichrist is rising up in a way that's never been known by man. Here we are this generation that's called to be vessels full of the Holy Ghost. "Only he that now letteth will let, until that son of perdition will be revealed" (2 Thessalonians 2:7 8). God's Holy Spirit-the thing that's holding Antichrist at bay is the church filled with the Holy Ghost.

Our job is to go out there and begin to speak the truth. My heart is grieved-recently I've come in touch with a lot of people that are in churches that are just so content with their Christian role, believing that they're evangelizing because they're growing, but they're growing with more mediocrity than they are already involved in. Tolerance! And as our hearts are looking for this remnant in this last day that we can be a part of, that we might be used as instruments to see others incorporated, are we hungering for that wisdom? Are we seeking God for more and effective ways to preach the gospel? Are we content with our pursuit of truth and with our prayer lives and with our interaction in one another's lives?

What we're talking about is speaking the truth into each other lives. We've done this a lot, and we're going to continue to, but being a part of this fellowship, as we all know, can get uncomfortable at times because people get involved in our lives. Most churches, nobody is really involved in anybody's life. They hardly know each other. Do you want to be part of a community where one of the primary goals is to make you accountable to the wisdom of God? We'll get into it as we go on in the study. The wisdom of God will bring you a long life. It'll bring you peace; it'll bring you health. We go, "Okay, I want that!" Those are by products of being a lover of the truth of God, the wisdom of God. You don't seek those things. They're the blessings that pursue us and overtake us. The wisdom of God is, "Seek the kingdom first." (Matthew 6:33) Very simple principle. Are we?