Pastor Star R. Scott

Are You Staying Adorned in the Full Armor of God

  • Date: September 26, 2019
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” (Ephesians 6:11)
  • From There Is Yet One Man

The moment you're faced with a situation that the Word of God speaks to you, do it now. God doesn't need you to sit back and analyze His Word and analyze this situation and, "What will be the best application at this time?" I'll show that to you in the failure of Jehoshaphat. Remember who Jehoshaphat was. He and Asa were two of the greatest kings that the nation knew, that the covenant people knew. I know in many ways that they brought more of the Word and more stability and more spiritual growth and more deliverance to the covenant people of God than David did, and yet they're called "the children of David." They've done these things after their father, David. I've been spending a little time just meditating on these three kings. As we've been spending a little bit of time looking at how it is that people could know so much of the Word and do so much good and make some really boneheaded decisions? David did it. Asa did it. Jehoshaphat did it. Aren't you glad none of us do that? The very same thing caused all three of their failures. It was an overconfidence of who they were because God manifested Himself through them. They lost sight, all of them, of the fact that they were nothing more than vessels through which the glory of God manifests itself and that without Him we can do nothing acceptable.

As we work our way through those character studies, let's look at what all of them had in common. They were mighty in battle for the kingdom of God as they adorned themselves in the armor of God when they were not prosperous. Every one of them got into trouble in the time of ease, in the time of prosperity, in the time of having been successful and they looked and saw the prosperity. When they find themselves at ease. Satan goes about as a roaring lion seeking the opportunity, when we're distracted, as David was, instead of at war. When we sit back and analyze, "If I really begin to reassociate with those who are my kin folks, we can build an alliance against the other nations. Why are we in conflict, Judah and Israel, all the time? After all, we are brothers. Because of commerce, because of a common need for this one business venture, it will be okay this one time to take that which God's cursed and allow it into our lives and invite certain people over who are the enemies of God. God will allow it one time." One mistake. Now, it may not be the same magnitude that you and I would experience that they did, but that one mistake almost wiped out the whole Messianic line! It almost took the house of David off the map, as Athaliah came in and killed everyone in line. Aren't you glad that God can hide the necessary one in time of need. But we mess stuff up! We can take it so lightly in our thinking. Do you know why? It's because we haven't seen the consequences yet and we make little decisions against God, against His glory, against His holiness. We make decisions in favor of our flesh, in favor of ease and comfort. We walk through life with our shields down. We haven't been hit by a dart yet and we think God has accepted our person.

We just want to encourage you in this hour that we're in: this is the heat of the battle! Now, you might be doing fairly well spiritually right now, but that's not the point we're making. Here's the point: this is the heat of the battle. These are the final days. Iniquity is abounding. The love of many is waxing cold. The Christian church, visible, Christian church has perverted herself into this great whore which will ultimately include all of the other religions and cults of the world. What makes you think you're going to stand? I know the message we like to hear, "Oh, we're going to stand, praise God! No weapon formed against us shall prosper!" I believe all of that to the man who's prepared to the man who has the armor on, to the one who's become a master, because too much of what I read and too much of what I see around me shows that few are going to make it. Few are going to make it. So what do you think? How have you been doing in adorning yourselves in the armor of God?