Pastor Star R. Scott

A Friend Who Sticks Closer Than a Brother

  • Date: May 5, 2010
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: "A man of many friends comes to ruin, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." NASB(Proverbs 18:24)
  • From Friends

The revised version of Proverbs 18:24 reads: "He that makes many friends does it to his own destruction, but there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother." The implication here of "many friends", of course, is that some of these so called friends are not friends, in the truest sense, where there is an intimacy, where there is a commitment. Remember what the word "friend" means. Some of the root words of friend are philos, philea. We know the term phileo is a type of love, a phileo love. A friend is someone who, literally in the Scriptures, is "to be loved." A friend is an object of our love, someone who is dear to us, and someone to whom we have committed.

Our current society knows little about commitment. Hence, a divorce rate of over fifty percent. Does the fact that so few are committed to marriage say something about our society? How many people are committed to the kingdom of God, to the building of the body of Christ? How many people, when things get tough, bail for their own well-being, are motivated by selfishness? How many people want the benefits of a relationship but none of the responsibilities that require endurance, the ability within the body of Christ to love one another and endure with one another? There's a big difference between acquaintances - - those who spend time together - - and those who have a committed relationship. You can have a relationship. You can have an affair. Relationships, per se, are not commitments. The question that we need to ask ourselves is: how committed are we to those who God has put into our lives?

How many of us have commitments outside the body of Christ? Some of us are so involved with associates, with those of like secular ambitions that our lives are becoming intertwined with them. We all know we're in the world. We all know we're to use the world, not abuse it. I'm not talking about that. I'm asking if we have given our heart away to other than the kingdom of God and the body of Christ? "He that makes many friends..." This person might be a networker. "Oh, we're networking." Let's call it what it is: using other people for my personal gain. Is that a better term? "We're networking. I want to use as many people as I can for my personal gain." "He that maketh many friends" might be an insecure person. Could the motivation possibly be that you're works oriented and by having all of these friends, associates, and acquaintances that you want to help and give into, that this makes you feel good about yourself? A Martha spirit? There are a lot of subtle things that go on in self, our ego, and in this crucifixion process, that we need to look very deep and ask ourselves what motivates what we do. As we're coming into this hour, we need to recognize the selfishness and weaknesses that are in us, those things that we so often look to man to fill instead of God. We need to identify our selfishness and weaknesses so that we can die to those things, be united with Jesus, be entwined with the body of Christ and bring glory to God, as we relate to one another as true biblical friends.