Pastor Star R. Scott

A Friend Who Never Leaves

  • Date: May 7, 2010
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R. Scott
  • Scripture: "Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." (Hebrews 13:5)
  • From Friends

Treasure those friends who God has put into your lives, but treasure more the ability to be used to edify the body of Christ and glorify the kingdom of God. And when the commitments become too strong in the natural - - what I mean by "too strong" is: when we're no longer able to apply justice or truth or judgment, when we're no longer able to, as Deuteronomy says, bring about justice and judgment, when even our so called �??bosom' friends are the ones who are trying to seduce us into idolatry or disobedience or carnality or worldliness, and we feel the necessity to cover for them. We've been through a whole process of seeing that cleaned out of our midst, especially in some of our young adults. The commitment of some to one another (to lie for one another and cover each other's sins) was far greater than their love for God and their desire for holiness. When some of us parents' desire to cover with a covering that's not of the Lord, our children and their needs - - to be able to just say, "Yeah, they're a mess. I'm a mess. Help us." Your true friends won't forsake you. This is very important; even if everybody else does leave, Hebrews 13:5 says, "Let your [living] be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have [material, social]: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." Get these scriptures in your notes and just let them begin to go over in your heart, because this is what I want to encourage us in. The Master speaking, "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you [in the person of the Holy Spirit]" (John 14:18). John 13:1, I love the way that this passage ends. "...Jesus [knowing] that his hour was come that He should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end." We're going to look, as we go on in the study, and ask ourselves the question: what if standing for Jesus costs you every natural friend? What if, in this process that we're getting ready to go into - - iniquity abounding, the love of many waxing cold, you're enemies will be those of your own household - - do you have any idea of the capacity of people to turn and destroy you with what they know about you when they defect? "Well, I need to stay aloof then. I don't want anybody to know about my personal life." Wrong answer. If God's for you, nobody can be against you! He said, "I'll never leave you nor forsake you. I will not leave you comfortless. You are My friends." He loved them until the end! You've got a friend that sticks closer than a brother. You will never be able to be totally vulnerable to the people that are around you until you truly believe you have the One friend that will never forsake you. If you've got Him, you don't need anything else.